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The following links point to some of the best professional IT resources on the Web:


Roger Pressman
Roger has been at the forefront of the process improvement landscape long before it became fashionable. In fact, he is one of the designers of that landscape! Visit the Web home of R.S. Pressman & Associates here.

Rob Thomsett
The noted peopleware, project management expert and speaker, and author of one of my favorite books, Third Wave Project Management.

Ed Yourdon's Web Site
Always insightful and strikingly lucid, Ed Yourdon hosts one of my favorite sites on the Web, filled with articles, book reviews and industry links. And for those of us who live on the road and out of our Sherpas, Ed's Road-Warrior Journals are a must!

Peter Keen
Dr. Keen is indeed a very keen observer of the IS scene. His commentary is always a invaluable reality check for industry managers.

Luke Hohmann
The cyberspace home of the author of the breakthrough peopleware book Journey of the Software Professional. Luke has several articles available online for IS professionals.

Karl Wiegers
Online articles, book reviews and outlines, loads of SPI goodies, too.

Places and Publications:

The IT Metrics and Productivity Journal
Published weekly, topics covered are software processes, metrics, estimation, software process improvement, quality, IT governance, education and training.

The Software Program Manager's Network
If your organization is considering a best practices initiative, this archive of research into best practices at the DoD is an excellent place to start.

The Software Engineering Institute
An invaluable resource, the SEI offers one of the richest on-line libraries available.

Russ Finney hosts this site filled with invaluable white papers and resources targeted toward IS managers. Russ publishes the influential ezine, the itmWeb IT Report, which includes my occasional "Critical Path" columns.

Cutter IT Journal
Formerly known as American Programmer, this publication is simply the best journal in the field for IT managers and senior business executives. Stop by and view the table of contents for current and upcoming issues, see the introduction by the current issue's guest editor, even download a sample issue.

Fawcette Technical Publications
A rich resource for developers and technical managers, Fawcette Technical Publications has an on-line trove of several year's worth of their publications. Well worth bookmarking for repeated visits!

Historical and General Informational Links:

The Atlantic Monthly
The crown jewel of American publishing. I've been a subscriber for more years than I'll admit.

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